Monday, 27 February 2012

Second Thought

I wanna make mylife as pretty as possible...although its on HIS hands, we can always wish the best in everything rite.

He is considered as my Ex.

Am I really saying it from my heart...or it just something else? I think I almost have a heart attack.
Yesterday, while I took my long drive way back from UIA Gombak to tears dropped.
continuously. starts from UIAM exit heading to Sg. Besi.

I miss him.
I miss him so much.

But I know, this is going nowhere.
someone said to me, if it's so hard for you to share about your feelings to others or not...then cry.
world might not understand about what you feel, but you..yes, yourself do.

Then, Cry.
With no doubt.

Today, after almost a month, he texted me.
a simple message that leave me with...
I dont know.

I really dont know my feelings right now.

Did he miss me as much as i miss him?
No. You're not miss just miss all the routines that you and him played over 6years.
That's it.

Give your ownself a chance and make a change
As been decided earlier.
can anyone answer me this ='(

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