Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lesson #1: Get Yourself Busy

My positive mind keeps telling me that this is only phase of ones life.  Every bad or good things happened is just to ensure we are actually going the right path towards mature life. Life will never be easy.  Otherwise, nobody will appreciate it..right?

I'm holding it tight.  So, this is something that everyone need to go through and have the experience even it hurt so bad. unfortunately.

At least, I make myself better than yesterday and prepare for tomorrow. To let my past slowly dissolve by the air of sober, I get myself busy as I could.  I learn something from it.  I feel like my adrenalin are working so great and I'm using myself at the optimum level for every task I've carried.

9-10 hours per day - I'm performing my best for every weekdays. Don't really love my job, but at this point, its actually help me a lot..More than enough.  Even I don't really like to stay under the roof...doing same all routine. This is very cozy and comfort. I need air! means I need to go out. But one step at the time.  This will definitely going to be one of the things that I need to review it back.  Career planning.

My semester break is coming to the end.  This week will be my last week to get my self fully-charged.  The following weekends onwards till August will be full by my 5th semester. I'm doing pretty excellent so far as I managed to get my name under the Dean's List.

I must say it as Grand Opening 2012.
~ big kiss and hugs! (to myself) ~

I work so hard last year for my study as I keep reminding myself that the only way for you to change your life is knowledge.  Let people address you as knowledgeable person and stop acting like a loser. You are the one who need to take that responsible.

I'm kinda retarted during exam weeks..I wish I can do much better for this semester..Something that I won't deny is, I'm just acting smart for the 1st year..indeed I'm struggling to be smart on that time.

yes, the busy months are back again for me.
and yes, this prescriptions will definitely cure me.

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