Friday, 24 February 2012

Men Are So Predictable!

I woke up early in the morning last sunday. There is no plan for that day.  As the morning breeze was so refreshing...suddenly the idea of having a leisure walk around the nearby park pop up into my mind.
Thinking that I've done nothing to physical activity for several months, then why not. Besides, there is a lake there. complete therapy.

Get ready within 5mins. Go downstairs. Breath the air.  What a very blast start.

From leisure walk then it turns to slow jog.  All the way to the park, I saw bunch of kids...walking to the park...I saw nanny-aged women and his husband probably, also walking to the one by one person passing by me also heading to the park...I guess, this is not only a blast day for me..its everyone blast day.

Reaching the park was so amazing.  As I captured many people are enjoying their fitness session there.  The air was breezing...the park that surrounded by a number of fitness apparatus here and there...and then there is a lake..the greenery scene by the trees...blooming morning kiss flowers...isnt it remarkable?
I never thought that the nearby park which is located only less then 5mins from my home actually holding its own attractions that can only be describes once you reach there.

I couldnt remember how many rounds that I made during my slow jog..raftly it could be around 4-5 rounds..its been really enjoying to do it. Cardio session was great...and the sweat also great...(should i need to mention it?) I did use all the apparatus that been provided..its my first time ever...and left me craving it for more. Nextime.

Now, there is a man.  Couldnt describe him much as I only noticed him after several rounds of my slow jog. Making a step towards my cooling down, then suddenly he came...approach me with a light conversation..more to exercise..make it as daily routine..maintaining body fitnes..gym...bla..bla..bla..

and he did told me about his siblings,
should it has to be that far?

No wonder I felt something each time he pass me.

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