Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Love The Man That Love You Not Love The Man That You Love

Love is so describable.
Some will say it as bloom as the morning kiss, as red as roses, as deep in the sea, as high as blue sky,as beauty like nature, as chocolate to the kids, as lyrics to the rythm, as it may compliment many parts of everything.
some will say reverse of it. as hard as dying, as tears for every words, as sharp as axe, as fragile like a glass, as soil without plants, as empty like coffin, as everything that may seems life is so bad. love is so irritating.

I love to say all the time that Love is blooming where ever we go. Love to the family..never fades.  Love by the Maker last forever. But everyone will keep fighting to gain love for their life..including me.

some shared a different is worth to fight if it meant to be ours...but then, on my second thought, how are we going to know that the love we're fighthing is the one for us?

Wise friend of mine ever told to me that we need to find someone in our life. To share and to give. To love and to be love.  The aim of life is one of this. If we ever live with someone that almost impossible for us to happy with the shared life, then what is the point of keep hoping for it? Love is not with whom we fall in, but love is who we are when we with him/her.

I love the man that I love which we are no longer feel the blooming of our love..not the man that love me which really fight for my happiness with him.
how hard can it be??

But all I know at this moment is..

Love Never Fails

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