Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Some Memories Will Never Be Erase

the power of first love

i always imagine myself that i could have my own. i know i can have it. it just a matter of effort and time. but does all this things will keep me satisfied? my mind start talking language i dont understand.

the fundamental is there. your heart. my heart.
how can my mind so perfectly planned how it supposed to be but my heart keep beating.. saying NO?
they just not being synchronize.

i often been taught that 1st step is the hardest that time, i was like ".....common guyz..can it be that hard? just lift your leg and step forward la"

definitely not something like it
its really that hard.

what do you feel when the only person that can fix you is the one that you hate?
hate like hate it.
dearly hate it.

as for me, we are done. over.
as for Him, every second means something. every second means U and Me.
since that ages night, day after day, we never spoke to each other.
this time it last for 4months.

please do believe, amazingly im beared to hold it till 4 months.
i dont know..whats trigger me to reply him back after that amazing period.
again, each time we start it, it always have to be a stupid short quarrell till it become an atomic disaster in our heart.

ya..some memories, will never be erase.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

6 months! Almost

I've been away from my blog almost 6 months.
What is actually going on?

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simple is more

colorful mind indeed

Monday, 27 February 2012

Idea Of Writing

I never thought that I can really work so hard updating my 2nd blog.
The first blog was been published in year 2009.  but successfully deleted few hours ago.

I feel nothing at this moment. As the previous blog that I have is only cost a crap post,  but who knows, one day I might be regret with what I've done today.
Permenantly delete. All I know right now, even if i feel bad about this later, its only for temporary.

Because there is so much more things that cost my sadness now.

i wish someone will understand it

Second Thought

I wanna make mylife as pretty as possible...although its on HIS hands, we can always wish the best in everything rite.

He is considered as my Ex.

Am I really saying it from my heart...or it just something else? I think I almost have a heart attack.
Yesterday, while I took my long drive way back from UIA Gombak to tears dropped.
continuously. starts from UIAM exit heading to Sg. Besi.

I miss him.
I miss him so much.

But I know, this is going nowhere.
someone said to me, if it's so hard for you to share about your feelings to others or not...then cry.
world might not understand about what you feel, but you..yes, yourself do.

Then, Cry.
With no doubt.

Today, after almost a month, he texted me.
a simple message that leave me with...
I dont know.

I really dont know my feelings right now.

Did he miss me as much as i miss him?
No. You're not miss just miss all the routines that you and him played over 6years.
That's it.

Give your ownself a chance and make a change
As been decided earlier.
can anyone answer me this ='(


Im not feeling well. as I noticed early in the morning that i have a flamming throat.

Monday blues + sorethroat = No good


Friday, 24 February 2012

Wise Words: They Can Because They Think They Can

I can because I think I can.
Yes, I really do I can.

Even it cost a huge efforts, obstacles, hardships journey, I can achieve what ever I want.
Either this journey will end with victory or being defeat, myself is the only one who can decide it.

Wishing myself a very good luck ahead!

Family, Study, Career and more to come.

Have my word ha!

Away To UIA Every Weekend

As mentioned on my previous post, new semester are about to take place. All my undertaking subjects for current semester scheduled to be held at Kulliyyah ICT, UIA.

Its going to be a great experience.

my turbulence adrenalin
Update soon!